The horses at the EATI are truly unique.  They are called “Akhal Tekes,” a rare breed from Central Asia whose origin traces back 5000 years.  There are fewer than 50 of these horses in Canada.

      Originally bred as war mounts by the nomads who raided the famous Silk Road, Akhal Tekes are gaining popularity around the world because of their legendary athleticism and stamina.  Akhal Tekes possess exquisite beauty, and unparalleled sensitivity and intelligence.  You will be amazed by their grace, charm, and ability to bond with humans

    Arguably the oldest surviving cultured equine breed, the Akhal Teke acquired its extraordinary physical powers and sensitive personality from the highly specialized conditions which characterized its partnership with Central Asian nomads.  Akhal Teke blood has influenced the development of several modern horse breeds, yet its own unique features have remained largely undiluted for centuries.

No other equine assisted therapy program in the world offers the opportunity to interact with these amazing horses.